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Lyn Collins - Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me by Now (1975)

Nicknamed "The Female Preacher," Lyn Collins was discovered in the early '70s by James Brown, who was making the transition to the hardest funk phase of his career. Collins sent Brown a demo tape and he responded by essentially putting her on standby in 1970, when Marva Whitney left the Revue. Former vocalist Vicki Anderson elected to rejoin, however, so Brown instead invited Collins to come to Georgia for a recording session in early 1971, which produced the single ‘Wheel of Life.’ By the end of that year, Anderson was ready to leave again, and Collins officially joined the James Brown Revue. In 1972, Brown's People Records label released Collins' self-penned single ‘Think (About It)’; produced by Brown, it became her first and biggest hit and made her the most commercially successful female singer in Brown's camp. Collins' first full-length album, also titled Think (About It), was released later in the year. Collins continued to record singles for Brown through 1973, also fulfilling her heavy touring commitments as a member of the Revue. Collins' second album, Check It Out if You Don't Know Me by Now, was released in 1975. This is the mellower of her two LPs for the People label, though still pretty darn fantastic. At some level, it seems like Lyn is taking on the rest of the soul industry, showing them that she can kick some major booty on her interpretations of hits like ‘Backstabbers’, ‘If You Don't Know Me By Now’, ‘Try A Little Tenderness’, and ‘Mr Big Stuff’, which is one of her best funky tracks ever. She also shines extremely well on the original cuts, especially the funky classic ‘Rock Me Again & Again & Again’, plus the often-overlooked mellow soul groovers ‘To Each His Own’, ‘Put It On The Line’, and ‘How Long Can I Keep It Up’. Along with the original album, this reissue contains 8 bonus tracks. Collins eventually became a backup session vocalist and attempted a comeback as a dance-club diva around the late '80s/early '90s.,
Lyn Collins singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' on Soul Train, 1973:

Lyn Collins singing 'Rock Me Again & Again' on Soul Train, 1974:

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