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The Sisters Love: Give Me Your Love (1969-1989)

‘Ahead of their time’ is a much used phrase to describe some of the most creative groups and The Sisters Love were most definitely that. In 1980 New York DJ Danny Krivit released an extended eight-minute cut-up of a track called 'Give Me Your Love' by The Sisters Love. Already an underground disco classic (partly on account of its rarity), this release brought it to a new audience of disco and rare groove fans. 'Give Me Your Love' originally came out in 1973 and subsequently become the property of the New York underground disco cognoscenti of DJs David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, Walter Gibbons and Larry Levan et all who made it a regular party anthem. The Sisters Love worked with producers such as Willie Hutch, Leon Ware, Gloria Jones and Richard Evans, toured the world with The Jackson Five, and appear in the Blaxploitation movie The Mack. Their sound is a great blend of funky rhythms, hard soul vocals, and soaring harmonies on the chorus, in a way that is almost a cross between the work of Lyn Collins at People Records with the best sounds of Sweet Inspirations over at Atlantic, but even more righteous overall. They made some classic music previously only available to the cognescenti and this release makes available many rare tracks as well as bringing the music to a new audience. The set brings together singles recorded for Motown and A&M, all over a period of 6 years, but tremendously unified overall, with a badass soul sound that rivals the legendary album by The Jackson Sisters. Titles include 'My Love Is Yours', 'The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)', 'Blackbird', 'Ring Once', 'You've Got to Make Your Choice' and 'Now Is the Time'. I added 9 bonus tracks, including Danny Krivit extended version of 'Give Me Your Love', the vocal and instrumental versions of '(I Could Never Make) A Better Man Than You' and the B-side of their 1969 single 'Forget It, I've Got It', 'Are You Lonely', a remake of 'I'm Learning to Trust My Man' and 'No More Broken Hearts', from 1989. 25 tracks in all.,
The Sisters Love singing 'A Better Man Than You' on Soul Train:

A 1973 lipsync performance of 'Mr. Fix-It Man' by The Sisters at the Dutch television show Toppop:

And last, but not least, their big classic 'Give Me Your Love':

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troods dijo...

Como siempre, Nosi, hay solamente un version de la musica - su version. You always have extra treats - I have this album, but not with all the extras, so I will download yours. Soul train show brings back memories. Thank you so much.

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Could you please re-up The Sisters Love LP please.