lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

VA: Girl Crazy - 20 Northern Soul Tracks by Female Artists (2006)

The ladies are taking over ... or at least that's the case on this great compilation from the folks at Goldmine! This package pushes away a bit from their usual Northern Soul bag, and explores the world of female soul in the '60s, still in a way that's very much in the rare indie mode we've come to expect from Goldmine, but with a focus on tunes that mix uptempo soul with sweeter girl group numbers. Put aside any fears you may have about this stuff being too pop, or too oldies-focused, because the set's hip soul all the way through, with a good mix of standout names from the indie scene, plus a few others yet to be discovered. 20 tracks in all, with titles that include 'Bad Love' by Marlene and the Debanettes, 'Third Time Under' by Third Tuesday, 'I Only Cry Once a Day Now' by The Puffs, 'What's Wrong with Me Baby' by The Toys, 'Just As Much' by Kris Peterson, 'Stoney Face' by Barbara and The Castles, 'In My Life' by Linda Carr, 'GI Joe We Love You' by The Fantasions, 'Head and Shoulders' by Marlina Mars, 'Ooh Boy' by Adorables, 'Your Love' by Miller Sisters, 'Look What I Got' by Gerri Thomas, 'Girl Crazy' by Gigi and The Charmaines, 'Sweet Talkin' Willie' by Teri Nelson Group, 'Give Him Up' by Vicki Hill, 'You're Something Else' by Chris Calloway and 'It's Good Enough for Me' by The Sensations, among others.

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A delicious bunch of songs from lesser known artists (though never less talented). Thank you so much Nosi. Besos.