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VA: Ultimate Girl Groups (2006)

One of the best compilations of obscure girl group singles from the mid-'60s. And I am talking obscure; Diane Renay is the only artist on this 26-track compilation who had a hit of any sort. These actually fall much closer to girl group soul than girl group pop/rock, the influence of Motown being particularly prevalent. These aren't meant as criticisms; these are mostly infectious, well-produced tracks, some of which, like Judy Hughes' 'Fine, Fine, Fine,' could have been big hits. You won't know how you ever managed without Theresa Lindsey's 'Gotta Find a Way', or Madeline Wilson's 'Dial "L" for Lonely', or Cheryl Williams' 'Everybody’s Happy But Me', or the Sherrys' 'Put You Arms Around Me' after you've lived with them for even just the shortest time.
1. Judy Hughes - Fine Fine Fine
2. The Du-Ettes - Every Beat of My Heart
3. Cheryl Williams - Everybody's Happy But Me
4. Margie and The Formations - Sad Illusion
5. The Bonnetes - 'Ya Gotta Take a Chance
6. Madeline Wilson - Dial L For Lonely
7. The Delicates - Stop Shoving Me Around
8. The Gems - I'll Be There
9. Lorraine and The Delights - Baby I Need You
10. Deena Johnson - I'm a Sad Girl
11. Norma Jenkins - The Airplane Song
12. The Dolls - And That Reminds Me
13. Diane Renay - Can't Help Loving That Man
14. Mousie and The Traps - It's All in The Way
15. The Sherrys - Put Your Arms Around Me
16. Theresa Lindsay - Gotta Find a Way
17. Les Femmes - Closer
18. The Beas - Where Do I Go from You
19. Jeannie King - You've Got a Good Thing Going
20. The Contessas - I Keep on Keepin' On
21. The Twans - I Can't See Him Again
22. The Lovettes - Little Miss Soul
23. The Peaches - Music to My Ears
24. Phillis Brown - Oh Baby
25. The Passionetts - My Fault
26. Paulette & The Cupids - He'll Wait on Me

One of the groups featured on this compilation, the Dolls, singing 'The Reason Why' and 'And That Reminds Me of You', live in 1964:

The Contessas on Shivaree, October 30 1965, performing 'I Keep on Keepin' On':

This is a performance by New York girl group The Gems filmed for the documentary The Strange World of Northern Soul. 'I'll Be There', on Riverside Records, was a huge record at Blackpool Mecca:

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