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Doris Troy: Doris Troy (1970) ... plus

Although she was born in the Bronx, and first came to prominence in the US with her 1963 hit 'Just One Look', Doris Troy earned probably her most loyal following in Britain. Nicknamed Mama Soul by her British fans, she moved to London after enjoying a steady streak of UK success and some noteworthy collaborations with leading British musicians during the mid-'60s. She can be heard on the Rolling Stones' 1969 anthem 'You Can't Always Get What You Want', and enjoyed a prominent solo spot on Pink Floyd's 1973 epic, 'Dark Side of the Moon'. She appeared on George Harrison's solo hit 'My Sweet Lord', and on Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain', and featured as both writer and singer on Billy Preston's album 'That's The Way God Planned It' for Apple. She affirmed her Anglophile leanings by signing with the Beatles' label in 1969; a deal instigated by George Harrison. Like Billy Preston's similar effort, this flopped, even when it was well-received by some critics; but unlike Preston, Troy really never got a second chance. As with Preston, Harrison rounds up a zillion big name guests: Steve Stills appears and contributes a couple of tunes (including 'Special Care'); Ringo drums; Preston and Harrison are prominent; Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Klaus Voormann, Jackie Lomax, Leon Russell, and Delaney & Bonnie all contribute to this album. Troy herself is credited as producer. Highlights on this release include 'Don't Call Me No More,' 'Ain't That Cute,' 'So Far,' 'Gonna Get My Baby Back,' 'I've Got to Be Strong,' 'Hurry,' and 'You Give Me Joy Joy.' This reissue adds no less than five bonus tracks: three are previously unreleased, while 'Get Back' and Leon Russell's 'Vaya Con Dios' were B-sides. Also try the compilation Just One Look: The Best of Doris Troy, that you can hear HERE.,
Doris Troy was suffering from emphysema when she re-recorded her classic Northern Soul anthem, 'I'll Do Anything', in 1999:

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Thank you for this posting.
I met Doris in London when she was appearing in the musical "Mama, I Want To Sing" and boy could Doris sing. I interviewed her for a short-lived community gospel radio station and she was a lovely lady. God be good to her.
Thanks for the memories, Nosi.



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Thank you so much for another great album! Keep up the great work!

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Great share on a hugely underrated singer. Superb stuff.

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