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The Three Degrees: The Roulette Years (1970-1972)

The Three Degrees started in 1963 in Philadelphia, PA., where they were discovered by producer and songwriter Richard Barrett, who got them a deal with Swan Records that produced many singles over the next four years. After their contract with Swan ended, the Three Degrees (at this stage comprised of Valerie Holiday, Sheila Ferguson and Fayette Pinkney) enjoyed brief signings with several smaller record companies till they signed to Roulette Records in 1970. Their frist Roulette release was a revival of the Chantels' 'Maybe'; which the girls had previously recorded for Swan. The '70s version, with Valerie's superb monologue, took them to #4 on the US soul charts in 1970. During the next three years, the succession of hits included 'I Do Take You,' 'You're the One,' and 'There's So Much Love Around Me'. This success led to an appearenace in the film The French Connection and a three month, 28-city tour with Englebert Humperdinck with whom they recorded the album Englebert Humperdinck Live at the Riviera. Englebert was quoted a describing them as "the finest singing trio around today". This was a significant period for the Three Degrees as they were now able to prove their worth and versatility with a wealth of songs from classic standards such as 'Stardust' and 'Macarthur Park' to the funky 'I Won't Let You Go' and 'Who Is She (And What Is She to You)'. Valerie, Fayette and Sheila gave their all in this musical collage, each displaying their own individuality and strenght with a variety of interpretations. Just listen to Sheila's velvety richness fading to Fayette's sweet tenderness and finally Valerie's soulful crescendo in the masterpiece 'Ebb Tide'. These early-'70s tracks, with their great orchestations combined with intricately mastered vocal arrangements and, of course, three dinamic voices, preceded a scintillating run on Philadelphia International Records and are essential for fans wanting another side of the "TSOP" and 'When Will I See You Again' songbirds. Taken from the original liner notes and
Recorded live in Japan in 1974, Fayette, Sheila and Valerie come together as only they can to perform their classic rendition of the Jim Webb's masterpiece 'MacArthur Park':

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