jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009

Dionne Warwick: Presenting Dionne Warwick / Anyone Who Had a Heart (1995)

Two-on-one reissue comprised of Dionne Warwick's 1962 debut 'Presenting Dionne Warwick' and her sophomore album 'Anyone Who Had a Heart', from 1963. Dionne Warwick's first record for Scepter can be considered as the birth of a genius. The LP is the first full length collaboration between Warwick and the team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David and it easily bridges the worlds of soul, vocal, and pop with its unique sense of poise and class. Sung perfectly by Dionne throughout and arranged with orchestral brilliance by the young Burt, this classic includes ‘Don't Make Me Over’, ‘Wishin & Hopin’, ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’, ‘Make The Music Play’, ‘If You See Bill’, ‘It's Love That Really Counts’ and ‘This Empty Place’. 'Anyone Who Had a Heart' is only the second album in the career of Dionne Warwick, but she is already at the top of her game, singing with a sense of grace and poise that is simply tremendous and getting some equally great backing from a young Burt Bacharach, who himself co-wrote most of the tunes here with Hal David. There is a sense of completeness to the record that few other pop albums of the time could boast. A mature, thoughtful presentation of the material that certainly set a new standard for many artists to come. Titles include ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’, ‘Don't Make Me Over’, ‘Getting Ready For The Heartbreak’ and ‘Put Yourself In My Place’. New York Uptown Soul can't get any better than this. ~ http://www.dustygroove.com/

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Dionne Warwick performing 'Message to Michael' on Hullabaloo (1966):


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nice blog: here is a mix i made you might enjoy!?!?


Mortimer dijo...

Hola Noelia. Para llevar poco con el blog te lo tienes curradísimo y de una gran calidad musical, para mi gusto. Cuenta con el enlace. Animo. Ciao Bambina.

Mortimer dijo...

Perdón, ya te voy a hacer una petición, por si la tienes. Estoy buscando algún disco de Little Esther Philips, concretamente hay una canción que me tiene loco que se llama Mojo Hanna. Estaré pendiente.

Nosi dijo...

No te preocupes, está GARANTIZADO que habré de postear algo de Little Esther: es una de mis cantantes favoritas. No sé cuando será, pero lo haré, no lo dudes. Y buscaré la forma de que incluya esa canción que tanto te gusta, je, je...
Muchas gracias por tus comentarios ;-)

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Hola, pasando a saludar y tambien para invitarte a que pases y veas mi blog a ver si encuentras algo de tu agrado y si te gusta intercambiemos enlaces, una suerte de fucionar dendritas o algo asi diria yo,je.
Saludos y hasta la proxima.

JAZZYPIER ♪ dijo...

Muito belo!
Obrigado por toda esta boa musica!