jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009

Truly Smith - I Wanna Go Back There Again (1967)

An underrated singer, with a style not so different from early Kiki Dee, Truly Smith is now remembered for a number of fantastic Northern Soul anthems issued by Decca, such as Chris Clark 'I Wanna Go Back There Again' (see the clip below), Smokey Robinson's 'My Smile is Just a Frown Turned Upside Down' and Gerry Goffin/Carole King 'The Boy From Chelsea'. The quality of her vocals and her choice of material should have made the Warrington lass a star in the UK – and despite TV and live promotion, an attempt to launch the singer in the rest of Europe also stalled. I believe there is enough material hidden somewhere to release a decent compilation by this great blue-eyed soul artist, so I would like to know why is it that nobody has done it yet!!
'My Smile is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down)' Here

'The Boy from Chelsea' Here

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pedro dijo...

i remember her quite well she worked in dawsons record shop in warrington i got my this is soul lp from her good singer isaw her live nice girl pedro

David dijo...

Great blog. For fans of Truly Smith - on the new reissue comp - Rare Mod on the Acid Jazz label is her last single from 68: This is the first time/takin' time off.

pedro dijo...

had to listen to this one oh by the way it was dallam in warrington she lived i think she is a teacher now or could have retired

Jose A. dijo...

tremenda, no la conocía y la verdad que estas conciones de soul-pop superorquestadas me encantan, gracias por descubrímela!!

ah, y enhorabuena por tus blogs, todas las selecciones son de 10