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Jean DuShon: Feeling Good and other Soul gems from the '60s

It is not well known, but Detroit native, Jean DuShon was the very first artist to record the legendary Ron Miller/Orlando Murden classic, ‘For Once in My Life’. Others have claimed to be the first, but it was DuShon who was invited to Miller's home to interpret the tune. So pleased with her ideas and dynamic rendition, he allowed her to record the song first, which came out in early 1966 to great acclaim, especially in her hometown of Detroit. Miss DuShon was signed by Ahmet Ertegun to Atlantic Records, where she was produced by Phil Spector. Later, she contracted with Lenox Records, Columbia, ABC-Paramount and then Chess, where she released her firs album Make Way for Jean DuShon, in 1964. This record was met with critical acclaim leading to a second album in 1965, You Better Believe Me, with the Ramsey Lewis Trio. By the time she recorded her third album, Feeling Good, in 1966, she was famous. Miss DuShon has performed in hundreds of legendary nightclubs, theatres, concert halls and most of the great show palaces of Europe, South America and the United States. There is nothing that Jean SuShon hasn't mastered: blues, jazz, ballads, show tunes and pop. On all of them, she puts her uniquely distinguishable mark on the music. If someone deserves her work being reissued on CD, that is Ms. DuShon. I hope we can see that soon! .~ http://www.soul-patrol.com/, http://www.allaboutjazz.com/
1. Feeling Good
2. How Long Can I Go On
3. For Once in My Life
4. Hitch Hike
5. As I Watch You Walk Away
6. Second Class Lover

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jahcisco dijo...

Thank you.

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Liam dijo...

Thank you so much for this, I'm a proud owner of the As I Watch You Slowly Walk Away 45. Unfortunately it is (hopefully) in storage 10,000 miles away, tucked away safely for some 10 years. Love this song, Love her.

If I had a wish it would to eternally live in the late 50's to late 70's period with a bag of money to buy all these amazing songs and meet all these fantastically gifted and yet rather unknown artists. It would have to be eternally as there's just so many, even after collecting for some 30 years, it's a drop in the ocean.

Thanks again and BTW, I think I have a cd somewhere (a comp) that has a few tracks of hers. Let me know if you'd like a rip (and where to email u with it).

ps - thx also for using RS linx

troods dijo...

I don't know about repeating the '50's without repeating the McCarthy era, lynchings, etc. The '60's from mid on, now that's a fond memory! Anyway, Nosi, thank you. I've never heard of this artist and am looking forward to listening.

Lluiso dijo...

Hey, just want to make you know this site is such a nice music source for music lovers like me, i have to say: THANKS!

Fernando Christian Rodriguez Besel dijo...

CAN ANYBODY TELL ME WHO'S THE LUCOUS WOMAN WITH THE GRETSCH GUNSLINGER (GUITAR) wrapped around her? I like her already, but I don't know who she is! Please???!!!