viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Carol Anderson: Sad Girl (2004)

Sad Girl is the legacy of Detroit's lost soul sister Carol Anderson, who passed away in 1984 unaware of the small but loyal following she has on the underground soul scene, particularly in the UK, where she is adored by Northern Soul fans. This great tribute album, compiled by David Welding, features every track Carol cut during her short career, including ‘Sad Girl’, ‘Taking My Mind off Love’, ‘I'll Get off at the Next Stop’, ‘We've Got Enough’ and ‘Tomorrow Is Not a Promise’, among others. Belated recognition at last for one of soul music's most underrated singers. Thanks to Daniele for passing me this!
1. Sad Girl
2. You Boy
3. We've Got Enough
4. I'm Not Worried
5. You've Got It Coming (What Goes Around, Comes Around)
6. One Man's Woman
7. I Found Love
8. Party People (Come to Life)
9. Holding On
10. Taking My Mind off Love
11. Master Plan (I Love You, I Do)
12. Come on Over Tonight
13. You Want It
14. Ain't Giving Up
15. I'll Get off at The Next Stop
16. It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
17. Tomorrow Is Not a Promise

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I love this blog and "Soulful Divas".They`ve both brought me a lot of pleasure. Thank you for the time and effort and for sharing this GREAT music.

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Many thanks indeed!

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Here's a couple more:

Some of the others are very obscure and make take a little, as I'm sure you know. Meanwhile, enjoy these!!

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Wow, DeaconBlues, that is just fantastic. Thanks so much!!

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No problem, glad to help. I should be able to get a few more from my "secret stash". You have a friend in the USofA!!

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Thanks a lot.

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Thanks. Much appreciated.

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I know it was 5 years ago you posted, but could you post again please? I can't find it anywhere to buy!

Thank you!