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Merry Clayton: Merry Clayton (1971)

Best known for her background vocal work on the Rolling Stones' legendary single ‘Gimme Shelter,’ Merry Clayton had a long and successful career as backup singer, solo artist and actress. Born December 25, 1948 (hence the rather "holiday" feel of her first name), in New Orleans, LA, Clayton recorded tracks with Elvis Presley, the Supremes, Ray Charles, and Joe Cocker, as well as being a member of Ray Charles' Raelettes in the early '60s. Her solo debut, ‘The Doorbell Rings,’ was released in 1963, and she eventually found success as a session singer for the aforementioned artists. She followed up her best-known work – the appearance on ‘Gimme Shelter’– with a solo album of the same name, and during the '70s managed some minor R&B hits with tracks like ‘After All This Time’, in 1971, and ‘Oh No Not My Baby’, in 1973. After a brief hiatus from the music business, Clayton did minor acting work, appearing in the film Maid to Order and Cagney & Lacey. She returned to the music side of things in the ‘90s, albeit as a gospel singer. This album, released in 1971, is Clayton's fourth after Brewster McCloud, Gimme Shelter and Celebration. The set was done in LA with arrangements by insiders that include Jerry Peters, Carole King and Billy Preston. It features some tight and sometimes funky backing by the likes of David T Walker, Wilton Felder, Paul Humphrey, and Curtis Amy. There are a few tasty bits on here, including 'Southern Man' and a nice cover of Bill Withers' ‘Grandma's Hands’, and Jerry Peters ‘Love Me or Let Me Be Lonely’. Other tracks include ‘Same Old Story’, ‘Walk on In’ and ‘A Song for You’. Thanks to EliotW for this!! http://www.dustygroove.com/, http://www.allmusic.com/

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The last song of the album, "Whatever" is missing here. Is there anybody who can share that one with us? Thank you in advance!

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Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

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Thanks. Much appreciated.

DeaconBlues1103 dijo...

OOOOOH! nice album - thanks! One of my "secret" sources had track #11 (or B5) so here it is:
I also have her other albums, if you need them. Enjoy!

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Cheers, DeaconBlues!! You are so kind!!

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Oooh . . . nice one! Thanks much, and thanks to Deacon Blues, too!

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I just saw your message on the sidebar [PLEASE, leave your comments always on the last post.] So I'm resubmitting this comment.

Thanx 4 the great share w/BARBARA & THE BROWNS....I had heard a few of the singles previous to this so I was really happy to run into this.

I really enjoy this site and was wondering if you like to link to my sites?



I've already linked you on both of my sites. Again I want to compliment you on your wonderful site. I have no idea why I never explored your site in more detail previously......I was really missing out! I plan to be a regular visitor in the future.


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Thank you so much!! Been looking for this baby for awhile. Could you take DeaconBlues up on the offer of posting more Merry Clayton albums like Celebration. Thanks again.

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Your site is simply the BEST!!!!
I've been searching for this for so long since my vinyl was stolen. I've searched records stores, resale stores & the internet; but not until I found your site I almost gave up. Thank you, thank you!