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The Supremes Sing Motown (1967)

Anchored by two number-one hit singles, ‘You Keep Me Hanging On,’ and ‘Love Is Here and Now You're Gone,’ this LP features Holland, Dozier & Holland compositions and productions, and it ranks among The Supremes’ best. Most of the album was recorded during the spring and summer of 1966 and it features, alongside those two recordings, a handful of other originals, including ‘Remove This Doubt’ and ‘(You're Gone) But Always in My Heart’. Also present are covers of tunes popularized by label mates. Ross's soprano may not have the bite of Ron Isley's tenor, but she still does a better than average job on ‘I Guess I’ll Always Love You.’ Two Four Tops' remakes, ‘I'll Turn to Stone,’ and ‘It's the Same Old Song,’ are just as groovy as the originals. An update of Martha & Vandellas' ‘Love Is Like a Heat Wave’ fails to live up to the dynamics of the original. The Vandellas' version was special, while this one comes off like another song for the session. ‘Mother You, Smother You’ is too formulaic, but the singing and lyrics places it well above what other girl groups were releasing at the time. Ditto for ‘Going Down for the Third Time.’ Any Supremes' album track would be an A-side for most artists, but this album in particular exhibits some of the greatest pop song writing and studio instrumentation of all time. The prolific writers did an excellent job on which turned out to be the Supreme's final album fully overseen by the songwriting team. Within months of this release, the trio would stage a work slowdown in protest to Motown CEO's Berry Gordy's business decisions. By the end of 1967, HDH had departed Motown, but not before producing four final Supremes singles (‘The Happening’, 'Reflections’, ‘In and Out of Love’, and ‘Forever Came Today’). The Supremes sing Motown is very special to me as it was the album which introduced me to Motown music and turned me into a Supremes’ fanatic. I wanted to be a Spanish Diana Ross! Of course, that was many years ago... Anyway, I hope you enjoy it too.,
The Supremes (Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and Diana Ross) performing 'Love is Here and Now You're Gone' on the Andy Williams Show, Jan 22 1967:
The girls singing live their hit from 1966, 'You Keep Me Hanging On':

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Thanks for a 'classic' Supremes offering, the sound is much better with the 'real' supremes doing the background. I have been looking for the supremes sing country and western.... does anyone have that?

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