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Ginji James: Love Is a Merry Go Round (1971)

Texas student Ginji James was a prime example of the early-'70s ethos. Major companies stuffed their release sheets with albums by unknown and untried acts. Brunswick was no less guilty. The fact that this hot-panted Bachelor of Science could actually sing was a bonus. Her only LP, Love Is a Merry Go Round, released in 1971, was packed with Acklin numbers and many good tracks. Ginji has got a style which is both sweet and deep, something that makes her a perfect fit for the sweeping, loping arrangements of the record, very much in the best Chi-soul style of the time. The album is carried off perfectly by a team of studio talents that includes Carl Davis (vice president of recording for Brunswick), Eugene Record, Willie Henderson, and Tom Tom. Ginji's vocals are really wonderful; every bit as great as that of labelmates like Barbara Acklin or The Chi-Lites, and the whole set sparkles with a warmth that is pretty darn hard to find, even in the best soul albums from the time. http://www.dustygroove.com/

A2. Until You Return
A3. Here Is A Heart
A5. You Hurt Me For The Last Time
B1. Where Would I Go
B3 Love Is a Merry-Go-Around

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DeaconBlues1103 dijo...

I'm not familiar with her, but she's worth a listen. Thanks, as always!

hooch dijo...

Great album - Thank You!

Jose A. dijo...

gracias, me ha gustado mucho!! en la línea de los discos que hacían en aquella época en el sello, muy parecida a barbara atcklin, se nota la brillante (cadena de) producción!!

jahcisco dijo...

thank you.