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Janet Helms: Ship On (1974)

Virtually nothing is known about this rare funk/soul sister, Janet Helms. She did recorded a 45 'Sad Sad Lover / I Love, I Love You Baby' in 1972, on Washington DC label Stone Groove. This LP, 'Ship On', arranged and conducted by Fernando Cumbs, Roger Hogan and Lloyd Smith, was also issued two years later. As far as I know, that is basically all this obscure artist has ever released. I wouldn't say the album is fantastic or anything like that - the production is low budget at the most and, honestly, Helms' voice is nothing special - but, being a rare record as it is, I believe it's still worth posting.

A1 Ship On
A2 Surer Than Yesterday
A3 Ode to Freddie Harris
A4 I Love You Baby
A5 Can’t Get Over You
B1 Our Sweet Refrain
B2 Sad Man
B3 Bird Song
B4 The Sweetest Life’s The Life of a Lover
B5 Time Rolls On

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Very Nice Blog
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