domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Dee Dee Sharp - The Best of Cameo Parkway (1962-1966)

A backing vocalist for the Cameo-Parkway labels, Dee Dee Sharp was the uncredited voice on Chubby Checker's ‘Slow Twistin'’ single. Her own debut, ‘Mashed Potato Time’, was recorded at the same session and, thanks to the power of Dick Clark's American Bandstand television show, this energetic, exciting song, which she delivered in a bright, soulful voice became an immediate success. Cameo sadly chose to milk its dance-based appeal and releases such as ‘Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)’ and ‘Do The Bird’ packaged her as a temporary novelty act at the expense of an untapped potential. Dee Dee resurfaced in the ‘70s on the TSOP/Philadelphia International labels. Married to producer Kenny Gamble, she enjoyed two minor soul hits with ‘I'm Not in Love’ (a 1976 cover of the 10cc hit, which I added as a bonus track) and ‘I Love You Anyway’ (1981). This release from the Cameo-Parkway catalogue generously collects the output of Dee Dee Sharp, including the biggest dance hits of the early ‘60s and her mid-‘60s work, the best of which ride sinuous, funky grooves. Other tracks boast early production work by Gamble and Huff -the duo who went on to help sculpt the legendary Philly Soul sound- and, not surprisingly, the strings and lush back-up vocals play like proto-TSOP.
Dee Dee Sharp performing 'Mashed Potato Time':

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