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Eula Cooper: Lost Queen of Georgia Soul (1967-1972)

Eula Cooper is a soul singer whose scant body of work lies in inverse proportion to its exceptional quality. It has been said that she is from Atlanta or Macon, Georgia (and even Birmingham, Alabama!), although nothing is known for sure. Anyway, Eula is best remembered for a small, singles-only discography on indie soul labels Tragar, Supersound and Note - with one, 1969’s hypnotic ‘Heavenly Father’, picked up for distribution by Atlantic. There were about a dozen songs, most of which were probably recorded at Muscle Shoals (?), circa 1967 and 1972. For whatever reasons she left the music business, but she re-emerged recently at Dig Deeper, with her first ever NYC appearance, in 2008. Here is almost her entire discography. I hope you enjoy it.,,
01. Shake Daddy Shake
02. Heavenly Father
03. Try
04. Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things
05. I Can't Help If I Love You
06. That's How Much I Love You
07. Let Our Love Grow Higher
08. Have Faith in Me
09. Standing by Love
10. I Need You More
11. Mr. Henry
12. Beggars Can't Be Choosey
Eula Cooper singing 'That's How Much I Love You' live at the Five Spot in Brooklyn:

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