miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2009

Genie Brown: A Woman Alone (1973)

Rare soul sister Genie Brown, of whom I was not able to find any info, recorded this very much sought-after white label promotional vinyl called 'A Woman Alone', on Dunhill Records in 1973. The song 'Can't Stop Talking' can also be found on the albums ‘Edits by Mr. K - The Original Rare Disco Edits’ and ‘Nicky Siano's Legendary 'The Gallery' - The Original New York Disco 1973-77’. Thanks again to Guillermo for passing me this gem.

A1 That's How Heartaches Are Made (3:40)
A2 Maybe This Will Be the Morning (3:04)
A3 Can't Stop Talking (2:57)
A4 My First Night Alone Without You (3:31)
A5 Let Me Stand in Your Shadow (3:09)
B1 Take Me Where You Took Me Last Night (3:40)
B2 It's Gotta Be That Way (3:29)
B3 Wrapped In Love (3:12)
B4 You and Me (3:42)
B5 Life Is Beautiful When Love Is Everywhere (2:20)ee

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