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Carol Douglas: The Carol Douglas Album (1975) ... plus

Though Carol Douglas was already an experienced performer of ten years - she started her professional show business career as an actress in the ‘60's doing TV commercials and theatre work before landing the role of lead singer for the reformed soul group The Chantels -, it was ‘Doctor’s Orders’ which claimed responsibility for the Brooklyn native attaining national recognition. That song, which was a remake of a popular British single by singer Sunny, began its climb to the top ten of R&B and pop charts in December, 1974, and arguably gave large definition to an imminent category of music called “disco.” ‘Doctor’s Orders’ alone would make her debut album a classic, but the quality is far from limited to that track. Earthy dance gems like 'A Friend in Need', 'A Hurricane Is Coming Tonight' and 'Baby Don't Let This Good Love Die' are a nice cross between the late-'60s sound of Detroit soul and late-'70s dancefloor soul. Meanwhile, the mellow ‘Take Me (Make Me Lose Control)’ and ‘I Fell in Love with Love’ show a calmer side, while still keeping the groove alive. Douglas has a sophisticated, understated approach that is fully soulful without any dramatic gestures, and she brings a rich vibe to each tune. The only drawback is the presence of somewhat formulaic melodies and lyrics at some points - an aspect usually overcome by the classy arrangements. On a few tunes, the singer lacks a certain warmth, perhaps because she's trying to play it a little too cool. Overall, The Carol Douglas Album is an impressive pre-disco effort which helped pave the way for many subsequent albums by dance-driven R&B acts. This reissue of the LP also includes an extended version of ‘Doctor's Orders,’ as well as the singer's '80s cover of The Three Degrees' ‘My Simple Heart.’,

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