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The Fuzz: The Fuzz (1971) ... plus

Three Afro-wearing girls from Washington DC who recorded in Philadelphia, The Fuzz started out in 1970 as The Passionettes and managed to record a one-off single for the small Path Records label ('My Plea' b/w 'My Fault'), before being picked up by Uni Records, where they released a second 45: 'Sister Watch Yourself' b/w 'Stand By Your Man'. They got off to a strong start on Calla in 1971 with the single ‘I Love You for All Seasons.’ Written by their lead singer, Seila Young, who teamed with Barbara Gilliam and Val Williams, the sentimental number went Top 10 R&B and peaked at #21 on the US Billboard Pop Singles chart. The follow-up single, ‘Like an Open Door’ reached #14 R&B, #77 Pop. In a rather daring marketing move their self-titled debut album was a concept piece. Well, the first half of the LP was apparently built around a concept. Written by Young and arranger Joe Tate, the eight 'A' side tracks were built around a theme comparing love to the four seasons, mixing a series of spoken word narratives with some catchy ballads and mid-tempo numbers. The two singles served as a nice showcase for Young's songwriting skills and the trio's lovely harmony work – much in the manner of groups like Honey Cone. The album made #196 in 1972, and it is now a very expensive item on the collectors' circuit when found in mint condition. One final non-LP single ('Do Just What You Can Do' b/w 'Mr. Heartaches and Miss Tears') had no success and the group split up that same year. I added as a bonus track to the album their first single as The Passionettes, ‘My Fault’. Thanks once more, Martin, for passing me this rarity! http://www.allmusic.com, http://www.geocities.com/

A1. I Think I Got the Making of a True Love Affair (prelude) (J.Tate/S. Young)
A2. I Think I Got the Making of a True Love Affair (Joe Tate/Sheila Young)
A3. I'm So Glad (prelude) (Joe Tate/Sheila Young)
A4. I'm So Glad (Joe Tate/Sheila Young)
A5. All About Love (prelude) (Joe Tate/Sheila Young)
A6. All About Love (Joe Tate/Sheila Young)
A7. It's All Over (prelude) (Joe Tate/Sheila Young)
A8. It's All Over (Sheila Young)
B1. Like an Open Door (Sheila Young)
B2. Search Your Mind (Matthew Allen)
B3. Leave It All Behind Me (Sheila Young)
B4. Ooh Baby Baby (Smokey Robinson/Warren Moore)
B5. I Love You for All Seasons (Sheila Young)

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justme dijo...

I bought this album last year on ebay for 60 bucks. I had been looking for a while. It is not something you see every day. Almost all of the tracks are written or co-written by Sheila, the lead singer. She is quite a talent. This album is a very nice listen. You post some great and rare albums. :)

RJW dijo...

Thanks very much for this one. I had never heard of it, but what a classic, nearly a masterpiece work. Take a bow, Sheila Young and Co.!
I have done a pro tools clean up on the vinyl transfer. I'd be happy to upload it if you would like to hear it. Just email me at spikeysblues@aol.com. Either way, thanks again!

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KL from NYC dijo...

Thank you for this one.
I had this album in the 1970s and could not afford the Northern Soul prices to replace it.
Thanks again.