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Patti Austin: End of a Rainbow / Havana Candy (1976-77)

Patti Austin brought a new sophistication to soul music during the late ‘70s, working in a generation with singers like Jean Carn and Marlena Shaw to forge a whole new style of modern R&B. Some of Patti's work of that era is a bit more pop-oriented than the other two, but the selection on this compilation containing her first two smooth jazzy soul LPs for CTI Records - End of a Rainbow and Havana Candy - got some of her finest moments. Originally issued in 1976, End of a Rainbow was Patti's solo debut album for CTI. Although not a commercial success, this album was one of the first ever to be exclusively devoted to the "Quiet Storm Sound" that was just then blossoming. Arranged by David Matthews, the album contains five original tracks later remixed for In My Life plus a lot of good stuff written mostly by Patti. It includes classic songs like 'What's at the End of a Rainbow', 'You Don't Have to say You're Sorry', 'In My Life' and the beautiful 'Say You Love Me'. CTI boss Creed Taylor obviously spared no expenses in getting the best session players for this cult record, including Randy and Michael Brecker, Joe Farrell, Richard Tee, Barry Miles, Eric Gale, Steve Khan, Will Lee, Chuck Rainey, Steve Gadd and Ralph MacDonald. As for Patti, her soulful, tender and at times wistful and melancholic vocals are nothing short of exquisite. Havana Candy (1977) was Patti Austin's second solo album for the label and it was as sweet and warm as her best work with Quincy Jones, but with a stronger spirit that is all her own. Stylistically, it's very similar to its predecessor and Patti's passionate and emotive vocals are truly magical and spellbinding on gorgeous ballads like ‘I Just Want to Know’, ‘Little Baby’ and ‘That's Enough for Me’. Produced by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen, the line-up includes Michael Brecker, Eric Gale, Steve Khan, Richard Tee, Marvin Stamm, Dave Valentin, John Tropea, Will Lee and Ralph MacDonald. While neither commercially successful, Havana Candy is another Patti Austin classic which anyone who loves good music should not miss out on. http://www.amazon.com/.
Patti performing 'I Just Want to Know' on Soul Train, in the late-'70s:

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Mellow, mellow music, many many thanks!

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Patti has been active education the public about domestic abuse lately. Check her web site for regular updates on her blog.