martes, 2 de junio de 2009

VA - FunkSoulSisters (2003)

Funk Soul Sisters is a killer set of rare tunes and one of the best compilations of this type ever released. The SuperFunk crew at BGP went through the rich array of labels handled by the company taking things way past the obvious hits and girl group numbers, into hard and heavy-stepping territory. There is a great mix of northern and southern funk styles here that keeps things super-fresh; drums crackle, basslines pound, and the gals belt it out loud, clear, and funky. Some unreleased monsters include the wonderful Betty Barney, who leads out the Pazant Brothers on a track, 'Why I Sing the Blues', from an amazing live album recorded in 1970. Another of the unreleased cuts is by Lynn Varnado, who graces us with ‘Staying at Home Like a Woman’, and the rare Gator 45 ‘Tell Me What's Wrong’. As well as unreleased titles there is a bunch of cuts that only appeared on some soul comps first, like Betty Bibbs' ‘Pounds Of Soul’, Paula Lamont's ‘One Monkey Can't Stop the Show’ and the alternative version of Little Ann's ‘One Way Street’. Another great track is the most down-tempo on the album, Louise McCord's ‘Better Get a Move On’ from a rare gospel album on Stax's Gospel Truth label. It is intense, funky and extremely deep. Also included are some gems by Fontella Bass (‘Hold on This Time’), Millie Jackson (her funky debut 45 ‘My Heart Took a Licking (But It Kept on Ticking)’), the Genies (‘Know What to Do When You Get It’), Spanky Wilson (‘Sunshine Of Your Love’), Bonnie and Sheila (‘You Keep Me Hanging On’) and Thelma Jones (‘Mr Fix It’). Records that are absolutely busting out of their chains to make you move, either in the comfort of your front room, or on a night-club dance floor. Just make sure if it's at home you warn the neighbours that they'll be hearing some mighty fine music.,

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Que grandísimo blog tienes, hija mia: colección increible, una descripción... fantástica no, fantastiquísima!, un dominio del inglés increible, y un don para contar las cosas que me tiene apabullado.

Por no hablar de la colección de música.

Por cierto, no me veo en el blogroll. ¿ya no me ajuntas?

Saludos, y a seguir.

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sin duda uno de los mejores blogs en los que he estado.

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¿Qué es eso del blogroll??? Perdón por mi ignorancia, pero es que ni siquiera tenía idea de que alguna vez hubiera estado ... ;-)

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Vale, vale, Enano buceador... Que no me daba cuenta de que tu blog ya no aparecía en mi lateral! No entiendo qué ha podido pasar. Sorry, ya está solucionado!!

Un saludo!

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Hi, Nosi!
Did you know that there was a Vol 2 to the Lost Ladies of Soul? I just posted it on my blog, if you need it.
Greetings from USA!