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Lea Roberts: Lady Lea (1975)

Lea Robert's second LP for United Artists is mixture of smooth LA soul with some deeper tendencies, very much in the spirit of her previous album ‘Excuse me, I Want to Talk to You,’ released two years before, in 1973. This one was arranged by Reggie Lucas & Mtume, with one track arranged by Hubert Eaves and string arrangements courtesy of Jimmie Haskell or Gene Page. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any info about this gifted soul vocalist, whose unique gospelised vocal stylings are something like a cross between Aretha Franklin, Della Reese and Judy Clay, if such thing was possible! Her R&B recording of Neil Sedaka's 'Laughter in the Rain' went to #20 on the R&B charts.
1. All Right Now
2. Laughter in the Rain
3. All Over Again
4. Lost in Your Love
5. I'm Going Left
6. Loving You Gets Better with Time
7. Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
8. She Will Break Your Heart
9. You're Gonna Need a Man
10. Chained to This Memory

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Vincent the Soul Chef dijo...

Diana Ross & The Supremes - the farewell concert from 1970

Disc 1

Disc 2

in addition, I am about to rip this record. Would you like a copy...? I'll be glad to send you one, just let me know.

Peace and blessings.

Vincent the Soul Chef dijo...

From one lover of the soul sisters to another, here's one for you to enjoy... I've been looking at your rate your music list and noticed that this one wasn't there, so I hope you can use it... Thanks as always for this tremendous blog. :)

Ethan dijo...

Thanks so much for this! I wasn't familiar with her, but I adore this album now.

Nosi dijo...

Thanks a lot Vincent the Soul Chef! You are right: I didn't have that one. But now I do, thanks to you ;-)
It is very nice of you, thank you!!

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lea roberts i think she only did a couple of lps the other one was excuse me (i want to talk to you)1973

invisiblenigma dijo...

Great Work!! Much thanks.