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Ike & Tina Turner: The Soul of Ike and Tina Turner / Dynamite! ... plus (1961-62)

The first albums that Ike and Tina Turner recorded for Sue Records in the early-'60s find Tina still determining how much power and sensuality she had in her voice and developing her delivery and presentation, while Ike was honing the backdrop, and his band learning when to push and when to lay out behind Tina. The story had begun in 1957, when 17-year old Annie Mae (Tina) allegedly jumped onstage on a dare from her sister to sing at an Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm gig, and ended up with the band, eventually recording a local single for Ike on Tune Town as Little Anne in 1958. The very first recording credited to Ike and Tina Turner was 'A Fool in Love', from 1959, which charted on both pop and R&B charts. The Soul of Ike and Tina Turner, their first album, was recorded with the fabulous Ikettes while they were on tour with the revue, and comprised almost exclusively Ike Turner compositions. It included follow-up singles 'I Idolize You' and 'I'm Jealous',with its flipside 'You're My Baby' featuring the Ikettes, with Ike on backing vocals. All but three of the tracks also appeared on singles, the exclusive tracks being 'If', 'You Can't Love Two' and 'I Had a Notion' ('Chances Are' is a re-titled 'Puppy Love', a B-side), and there is remarkably little padding on the record. The next album, Dynamite!, duplicated many of the same tracks, tracks 13-17 being the only new ones. 'I Dig You' was the only exclusive track, the other new tracks all appearing on singles, the A-sides being 'You Should've Treated Me Right', 'It's Gonna Work Out Fine' (which I included here as a bonus track), 'Poor Fool' and 'Tra La La'. Four non-album tracks from the period conclude the collection, including the A-side 'Mind in a Whirl'. As a plus, I added two more tracks: a live version of 'It's Gonna Work Out Fine' and 'Prancing', which was initially recorded by Ike as the instrumental B-side to 'It’s Gonna Work Out Fine'. There is a rawness and earthiness in all these recordings that give them a potency and power that remains undimmed.,

Ike & Tina Turner singing 'Fool In Love' & 'Work Out Fine' medley in the TNT Show, 1965:

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