domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Tawney Reed: The Welsh Teenage Bomb

In the mid-'60s, Tawney (sometimes spelt Tawny) Reed issued just two singles on the Pye label – and one on New York’s famous Red Bird label. Though she failed to score a hit, her gutsy vocals have made her a favourite of fans of the Britgirl genre. She was born in Cardiff, Wales. In 1965, the teenager signed to the Pye label. The first, released in October 1965, was a cracking cover of Motown girl group the Velvelettes’ 'Needle in a Haystack'. On the flip was a suped-up version of Baby Washington’s 'I’ve Got a Feeling'. Both sides proved perfect showcases for her energetic vocal style and drew comparisons with Scottish singer Lulu. The single was considered strong enough for release in the US, where it was issued on the Red Bird label. Tawny was the only Brit girl to receive the distinction of having a release on the legendary New York label, arguably the home of the girl group sound. Back in the UK, Pye lifted both sides of a single by US singer Fred Hughes for Tawney’s follow up. 'You Can’t Take It Away', backed with 'My Heart Cries', was released in early 1966 but failed to capture the interest of British record buyers. When it failed, she was dropped by the label.

In my opinion Tawney Reed is one of the most underrated singers of the Brit girl era; such a shame she couldn't make the big time. And here, for the first time ever, you have her only four sides in one go! Don't miss it, this is pure dynamite!! aa

Tawney Reed performing The Velvelettes' classic 'Needle in a Haystack':

Tawney's outstanding rendition of 'I've Got a Feeling':

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hooch dijo...

thank you nosi! - great singer.

yga dijo...

A fabulous blog! I have spent all day going through all the records. Thanks a lot.


justme dijo...

She certainly was a great singer. It's hard to believe she didn't fare better. I really like all 4 of her tracks. I had all 4 tracks on various rare songs compilations in the "one here, one there" mode. I never researched her. I was unaware that she didn't have more. Too bad. I'd like to have some albums by her. Love the youtube vids too. Thanks!

pedro dijo...

yeh great voice for the girl from yaky dah a lot of good singer came from that area s bassey t jones to name a couple thanks pedro

Chris T dijo...

Thanks a lot for these songs.

troods dijo...

I remember this girl. Thank you for digging up these tracks.