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VA: All the Ladies Need Funk - All Girl Funk and Soul Riot (2002)

With no liners or other info of any kind, the purveyors of this collection presumably prefer the music to speak for itself and it does that very well indeed. Any would-be funkster needs to have this on their shelf. Twenty funky soul 45s by largely unknown female artists clearly from the late '60s and early '70s (the most recognizable are Jean Wells, Thelma Jones, Ruby Andrews, Pauline Chivers and Kim Tolliver). These sassy ladies strut their stuff across 54 minutes during which they alternately praise or diss their men. Although dubbed from vinyl, the sound quality is very good throughout. And if none of these numbers hit on the JB 'one', they do all groove with a vengeance! You know what you're in for with tracks like The Genies' 'Know What to Do When You Get It', Martha Turner's 'Dirty Old Man', Kim Tolliver's 'Cop My Stuff' and Gloria Taylor's 'Born a Woman'. Other grooviliceous confections include Rene Faye & The Teddy Bear Company's slinky 'Thank You Baby' and Jenny's Daughters 'Dirty Feet' (as in fishing in more than one pond or any number of other soul metaphors for cheating on your partner) and Thelma Jones's 'Mr. Fix It', guaranteed to make you ride your pony! Here's the complete track list:

01 Yvonne Daniels - Super Soul Music
02 Drummettes - Funky Soul
03 Susan King - I Got a Good Thing
04 Ruby Andrews - Let's Get a Groove Goin' On
05 Martha Turner - Dirty Old Man
06 Rena Faye - Thank You Baby
07 Gloria Taylor - Born a Woman
08 Thelma Jones - Mr Fix It
09 Pauline Chivers - Tough Stuff
10 Kris Peterson - Mama's Little Baby
11 Miss Soul - Payback
12 Sarah Simpson - Never a Dull Moment
13 Katie Briggs - Green Power
14 Kim Tolliver - Cop My Stuff
15 Nancy - Trying to Keep From Crying
16 Franceola - Mighty Good Man
17 Jenny's Daughters - Dirty Feet
18 Jean Wells - Keep Doin' It
19 The Genies - Know What to Do When You Get It
20 Diane Johnson - Queen Bee

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