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Pat Lundy: Only Love Spoken Here (1973)

Pat Lundy was a New York-based singer and actress who was apparently a girlfriend of New York producer Buddy Scott. She was originally in a group called the Symbols which she left in 1962. Lundy put out Lps and singles on Deluxe, Columbia, RCA, Toto, Leopard and Heidi labels over a 20 year period, all with slightly different sound and style, and some quite worth sorting out. Only Love Spoken Here is her second album, the only one she issued on RCA, after her Columbia release 'Soul Ain't Nothing But The Blues', from 1967 (which is by the way a very hard to find item I am desperately trying to find ... anyone there who might have a copy??). This one has got her working in a sophisticated soul style that is a lot like Marlena Shaw, with complicated arrangements that match Pat's range of feelings and moods, moving from quiet intimate vocals, to harder rawer funkier sounds. Bert Keyes handled the arrangements and titles include 'Only Love Spoken Here', 'He's the Father of My Children', 'What Is Love', 'Thank Heaven for You', 'Friend of Mine (I Wanna Thank You So Much)', 'Love Child', and 'I've Never Been a Woman Before'. After marrying Chuck Patterson - an actor and Equity advocate for minorities and women - Pat Lundy continued performing and became an SGI member dedicating her life towards peace in the world. She died in 1994 from brain cancer, just before her 52nd birthday. http://mickeynold.blogspot.com/, http://www.dustygroove.com/ Many thanks to JAZZYPIER for sharing this rare album with us ;-)

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Nosi dijo...


e-keane dijo...

Thank you as always for your posts. I have, sonmewhere up in the attic one of her lps..can't for the life of me remember the title, but not the debut you mentioned, unfortunately. Must try and dig it out.

Keep up your good work. I listen on my mp3 player on the journey to work...helps to keep me sane!



kioku dijo...

Amazing blog you have!!

I actually wandered here when the title of your blog caught my eye. I am looking for Soul Sisters by Gloria Coleman and thought this would be a good place to check. :)

I found Soul Sisters on your "collection/request" page so I hope it is still OK to make a request.

Thanks again!

Nosi dijo...

Hi kioku! I think you mean this album:


If that is the one you are looking for, I am afraid I haven't got it, sorry :-(

kioku dijo...

Hi Nosi--

I guess I made a mistake...there were so many pages I used the search feature but maybe it searches the whole rateyourmusic site. Thanks anyway!

jahcisco dijo...

Thanks. Much appreciated.

e-keane dijo...


My thanks to you & Jazzypier for this post. I was sitting on the bus this morning, listening, and normally I read too. Today I had to put my book down and just listen! I was taken aback, completely & totally. Side A has an "operatic" quality almost. I think it is one of the most sublime pieces of pure soul music I have heard in long and many a day.
It's like the experience of fine malt whisky...so many layers and a taste you want to come back to again. This is one I'll saviour till I'm old and grey. I hope I never go deaf

Thank you once again

troods dijo...

I'm familiar with Carmen Lundy, but not Pat. She sounds like a wonderful woman as well as singer. What a loss; so young when she passed. Thank you. I look forward to listening to this.

Thomas dijo...

I just picked up a pretty nice copy of 'Soul Ain't Nothing...' for 8 bucks at an antique store. What a find! Let me know if you want a rip and I might be able to cook something up...