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Diana Ross & the Supremes: Let the Music Play - Supreme Rarities (1960-1969)

Between late 1964 and mid-1967, the Supremes were the closest thing to perfection at Motown Records. All but three of their fourteen charting hits went to #1. Only one, 'Nothing but Heartaches,' barely missed the Top Ten. But for every diamond on vinyl, Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard — like every other act at Berry Gordy's Detroit grooming factory — cut mountains of discarded tracks that did not live up to his singles-ready standards. This flawed, fascinating set of outtakes swept out from the deepest corners of the Motown vaults starts with the Supreme's earliest days together and goes up through the farewell sessions with Diana at the end of the decade. It's seeing light of day for the first time ever, with a bunch of alternate versions of some of the most famous tunes, and really loaded up with some wonderful surprises. It has got looser, wonderfully raw numbers that are not as bright as polished as the big hits, plus some sweet Supremes covers of some hits of the era that might have been huge if released at the time. Really compelling are the early street-corner-harmony-style numbers with original fourth member Barbara Martin and, in 'Hey Baby,' a great come-hither-now vocal by Ballard before Gordy pushed Ross up front for good. Near-miss takes of the # 1s 'Back in My Arms Again' and 'Love Child' and the unfinished '68 romp 'Believe in Me' would have passed muster at any other label. But Gordy's fixation on Ross as his ticket to the L.A.-mogul life means much of the second part of the compilation drowns in strings and standards, often by a solo Ross. An exception is 1969's 'You're Gonna Hear from Me,' her last studio recording with Wilson and Ballard's replacement, Cindy Birdsong. Ross belts the title line like a kiss-off to the group, but the proud, strong way the others sing "Move over" behind her is a final testament to the power of three. Other tracks include 'You Can Depend on Me', 'Because I Love Him', 'Too Hot', 'I Saw Him Standing There', 'It's Not Unusual', 'Don't Let True Love Die' (extended version), 'Wish I Knew', 'The Look of Love' and 'Someday We'll Be Together.' http://www.rollingstone.com/, http://www.dustygroove.com/
The Supremes perform their 8th #1 hit 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' and 'Somewhere', from West Side Story, at The Hollywood Palace on October the 22nd, 1966:

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Timmy dijo...

Many thanx for this great collection. J' taime (Love ya!)

millie dijo...

Firstly, many thanks for such a great blog. Your efforts are truly appreciated. I've learned a lot about music other than the more mainstream kind and become a fan of some artistes I'd previously not even heard of. A short time ago I visited your blog and a track by the Poppies called "Do it With Soul" played. I loved it but can't find it anywhere. Since then I've heard one or two other tracks and would love it if you could post any Poppies tracks. Many thanks. Best David

justme dijo...

Thanks again Nosi for a great collection of tunes. :)

justme dijo...

Here is my collection of Poppies' tunes from various sources:
I Wonder Why (mp3)
Johnny, Don't Cry (mp3)
There's a Pain In My Heart (flac & mp3)
Lullaby Of Love (mp3)

no password, 5% recovery record included.


pedro dijo...

love this stuff but having read a lot a books about the supremes i do have a dislike for miss ross not as a singer but as a person but hey that,s me

Chris T dijo...

Thanks,your blog is amazing!

millie dijo...

Millions of Thank You's for The Poppies tracks. Lullaby Of Love in particular is a fabulous track.



rossfan dijo...

Hi there!

I happened upon your blog. Thanks for the page on "Supreme Rarities." It's a great album! In fact,if you read the "thank you's" in the Cd insert booklet, you will see my name... Dick Ketler. I am the websmaster of the sometimes eclectic Dick's Diana Ross Website and also a personal friend of Diana. I posted a link to this page from my site. I hope your visitors will stop by DDRW at http://raketler.angelfire.com

Thanks and "Let The Music Play!"

satya dijo...

Many Thanks! Always happy to hear Diana Ross & The Supremes. Hopefully their joyous musical legacy will trump all the trashy so-called tell-all tomes. All the truth I need is in the music.

Gerard dijo...

Thank You!

troods dijo...

I remember getting their first album - was was 13 years old and thrilled with my acquisition. (It was from Columbia record club; I never finished paying for all the albums.....too young, no job.) Anyway, Flo was always my favorite. It's amazing all these years later to see that Motown keeps finding more music in the vaults. I'm looking forward to kicking back and listening to this treasure. Thank you sweetie. And thanks for the heads up justme. I've never heard the poppies, but I'm going there now. ;)