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Kim Weston: Kim Kim Kim (1970)

One of the most extraordinary singers of her generation, for some strange reason Kim Weston was never properly promoted, even though she made many classic sides throughout her career. After Kim moved from Motown, she continued to record a number of great albums and singles, but radio programmers would not play anything Kim recorded, no matter what. The rumor was that when an artist turned away from Motown they were somehow banned from radio, and this appeared to be the case with Mary Wells and Kim Weston ... too bad as they both continued to grow artistically and made a lot of their finest work after leaving Motown. This masterpiece recorded for the Stax R&B subsidiary Volt Records in 1970 is a perfect example of the level of greatness Ms. Weston achieved, yet never receiving any acclaim for. Kim is in peak form throughout the album, and every song is varied and a complete winner. From the soulful opener 'You Just Don't Know', which blends into the passionate 'The Love I've Been Looking For', you know that you are in for the experience of a lifetime listening to one of the finest voices ever. Her versions of soul classics 'When Something Is Wrong with My Baby' and 'Got to Get You off of My Mind' are definitive. A passionate plea make 'Buy Myself a Man' a classic vocal, while the stunning tour-de-force 'Penny Blues' is so riveting and full of genuine pathos that this is clearly an all-time classic blues performance. A fiery rocking self-penned medley 'Soul on Fire'/'Brothers & Sisters (Get Together)' is wildly exuberant and exhilarating, and the closing gospel rocker 'The Choice Is Up to You (Walk with Jesus)' features Kim at her most brilliant, with a burning passionate delivery, that finishes this masterful set with a compelling performance and leaves one breathless. Anyone who loves a great and powerful singer in peak form in an incredibly arranged and richly varied program of classics should not miss this one. http://www.amazon.com/
Kim Weston singing ‘ Lift Every Voice & Sing' (Black National Anthem) (1972):

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