viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

The Lovelites: The Lovelite Years (1999) / With Love from the Lovelites (1970) ... plus

It’s a crying shame that the Lovelites, one of the best female groups of the '60s and '70s, never gained the national attention some of their counterparts were privy to. The Chicago high-school trio peaked on the Billboard R&B charts at number 15 with their stunning track 'How Can I Tell My Mom and Dad', - a sad slow tune about teen pregnancy, sung in a strange otherworldly style that's also quite soulful - with a catchy hook and a way of referring to the problem at hand that's vague, and makes for a strange approach to the material. They still recorded some other irresistible sagas about adolescent and young-adult love, much like Martha & the Vandellas, the Marvelettes, Honey Cone, and other luminaries. Patti Hamilton, her sister Rozena Petty, and Barbara Peterman were the original group, with Ardell McDaniel replacing Peterman in 1968. Joni Berlman replaced Petty in 1970, and Rhonda Grayson replaced McDaniel in 1971. 'How Can I Tell My Mom & Dad' did well enough for the group to start its own label, Lovelite Records, in 1970. It continued until 1973, while one single from their label made the R&B Top 40, 'My Conscience,' in 1971. They disbanded in 1973. This wonderful compilation of Lovelites sides, includes the Vandellas-sounding 'Get It off My Conscience', their first hit 'Mom & Dad' and other great songs like 'Love Is Pretty' and 'Love Bandit', which was released in 1972 as Patti & the Lovelites. The remakes are just as good: 'My Baby Loves Me,' 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin',' 'Betcha By Golly Wow,' and 'Got to Be There' are as potent as the originals. I included as bonus the ten tracks from the Lovelites' only full length album on UNI, With Love from the Lovelites, which were omitted from the set, plus an early song from 1967, 'I Found Me a Lover'. 31 tracks in all! These tunes are very different than the usual girl trio material, rougher, more honest, with a quality that's emotive, yet not overly drippy. Part of the thanks for this goes to arranger Johnny Cameron, who handled the tracks on the set, but a lot of the credit should also go to lead singer Patty Hamilton, who co-wrote some of the tracks, and who has a fantastic way of putting over the songs. These extra titles from their album include 'This Love is Real', 'Certain Kind of Lover', 'I'm in Love', 'Shy Boy', 'I've Got Love', 'Gotta Let You Go' and 'Oh My Love'.,

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trakbuv dijo...

Extraordinary lengths you go to compliment these compilations for our enjoyment. I loudly applaud your efforts Nosi, and the Lovelites are a much underated treasure of the female soul fraternity. Wonderful.

k02 dijo...

Thanks a million.

e-keane dijo...

The Lovelites were a great favorite of the London 2-Step/Rare Groove Scene, particularly "My Conscience" how I love tha track. A number of the tracks were also covered by reggae artists and no blues party was complete without the soul and the reggae versions being played.

Thank you for for your generosity and for reviving the memories.