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Kelle Patterson: Maiden Voyage (1973) / Kellee (1976) ... plus

Born in the midwest just outside Chicago, Kellee Patterson grew up in Gary, Indiana. Her rise into the public eye came in 1971 when she was the first black girl to become Miss Indiana when she entered the Miss America pageant with merits for her singing talents. Her singing started professionally at just 16 and following the sucess in the Miss America pageant she toured the world where she both sung and gave speeches. Kellee broke into TV to host Harambee in Chicago and continued on with her singing career later when she moved to the West Coast. Kelle's debut LP Maiden Voyage is edgier and more challenging than her subsequent soul-oriented sessions, yet at the same time it's also the most mainstream recording ever issued on the Black Jazz imprint, boasting little of the label's signature deep-groove swagger. Produced and arranged by Black Jazz founder Gene Russell, the album's late-night, neon-lit atmosphere nevertheless does right by Patterson's sultry if slight vocals. Though Kelle had the habit of attacking a note just under pitch, she never stayed that way, but hit each note correctly once her vibrato kicked in. True, her voice was on the nasal side, but it worked. She should have made more albums in this vein - not to take away from her other albums (especially her last two, which were more disco than jazz or R&B), but this release was the most cohesive. Even the lyrics were topical (i.e., 'Magic Wand of Love'), but also timeless. Titles include 'Look at the Child', 'Soul Daddy (Lady)', 'Don't Misunderstand', 'You', and 'Be All Your Own', among others. On her second album, simply titled Kellee (1976), she keeps on exploring a little bit more the jazzy soul / soulful jazz territory. There are fine variations on Barry White's 'I'm Gonna love You Just a Little More, Baby', 'Mister Magic' (a song also done by Roberta Flack), 'Stop, Look & Listen to Your Heart' and even Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' (in a funky dancing way). It is always interesting to hear such song stylists, who make something new with something borrowed. I added as as bonus tracks both sides of her 1977 single 'If You Don't Fit, Don't Force It' / 'Be Happy'.,,,

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Hi ... any chance you could post the these two from your collection?

The Shirelles - Tonight's the Night / The Shirelles Sing to Trumpets and Strings (2008)

The Shirelles - Foolish Little Girl / It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (2009)


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EliotW: Here's a link for the Shirelles' Tonight's the Night / The Shirelles Sing to Trumpets and Strings (2008):

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Thanks for the album and for the link to the Shirelles albums. Much appreciated.

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