jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Odyssey 5: First Time Around (1975)

Not to many people know about these five beautiful young ladies from the state of North Carolina called Odyssey 5. I could not find any info about them on the net, but what it is for sure is that they recorded a classic Lp titled 'First Time Around'. Originally released in 1975 on Brunswick Records, this Alonzo Tucker produced gem mixes cool laid back soul/funk grooves with fine female group harmonies and a powerful lead vocalist. You will find here absolutely perfect tunes like 'Peace of Mind' and the mellow 'More Ways Than One'. Also nice are the funky 'Everybody's Complaining' and 'Got to Be an Answer'. Many many thanks to Rohto for sharing with us an excellent copy of this hard to find album!! Title Tracks:
A1. Golden Dreams
A2. Master Plan
A3. My Best Friend
A4. Stop, I Don’t Need No Sympathy
A5. What’s It Gonna Be
B1. Got to Be an Answer
B2. Happiness Is Being With You
B3. More Ways Than One
B4. Peace of Mind
B5. Everybody’s Complaining

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Sugar Boom Boom! dijo...

A new acquaintance for me, a very pleasant surprise! :)

Put up a link to you on my blog now since you didn't object, hope that's okey! :)

Jonathan dijo...

Wax Poetics discussed this album in issue 32, if you seek more information on it. Super Solid for sure.

troods dijo...

Waiting for it to download. Looking forward to hearing it. I'm new to them as well. Thank you.

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Soul Shawn 75 dijo...

My band Ronnie Levels and His Genius Band just did a reunion show with this group in their home town of Winston Salem North Carolina!